Great News!
Most of you use already the fantastic indicator, the Ewave, maybe you use also the fractal fib expansion tool or the fractal fib multi (more info: here), well all of those tools have been made by my friend Sreve from For-exe. Well, Steve has been working hard lately and he has released a great tool, a new complete auto-trade manager with the following features:

  • Calculation of target prices - based on points or R:R
  • Lot sizing - fixed or percentage risk
  • Move stop loss to break-even (or lock in profits) at points or R:R
  • Trade entry using a (compatible) indicator of your choice for virtually hands-free trading

  • Buy/Sell: market order or place pending orders on: bar high/low; swing high/low
  • Trail stop loss on candle or fractal
  • Partial trade closure: smallest lot size; third lots; half lots
  • Stop loss to break-even 
  • Close all pending orders
  • Close all open orders

So why are these news great for us? Well, we are trading the H1 charts, which means that we are not all the time in front of the screen, most of us are part time traders and have other professional activities and this is rather complicated when we have to manage a trade while we are away (or during the night), for example to manage a SL. 
Now with the Trade Manager we can take the best of our H1 strategy.
Steve releases his trade manager under 6/12 months contract but the price is very affordable and anyway, i do think that, sometimes, money is worth to be spent, and this is the case with Steve trading tools.

So, if you are interested in, please let me know. More great news to come soon.