Trade of the week: EUR/JPY H1: 8-19 February: Superbe +ç.5% (+282 pips)

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On the 18th, we have a downtrend on H4 so we are looking for a setup on H1. At Francfort Open we have a tight fractal box of 25 pips (formed, on the upper level, by 2 candles with a sama height), we place an order who is immediately triggered. The price goes down slowly forming a new sell fractal. We have an addon few hours later below that fractal with an initial Stop Loss above the green line at 38 pips. The price, then, goes down nicely and we exit the next day just few hours before the close of the trading week for +150 pips (+6%) profit for the first entry and for +132 pips (+3.5%) for the addon, a total of +9.5% profit (+282 pips): Another superbe classical trade.