Trade of the Week:  USD/CAD H1:  12-14 May: +2.5% Profit (+86 pips)

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We had a wave 3 on H4 and we expect a wave 5. On H1, we have a setup at Francfort Open while it is a sleeping alligator on H4 too. The initial SL is at 30 pips and our PO is 17 pips away from H4 limit so price as enough space to move. We are triggered and the price drops. The next day at Francfort open, we have an exit possible (break of box) but we can also choose to let it run as on H4, the alligator is opening down. Then we have another entry the next hour at London Open, we exit both entries, the next day while the price breaks the upper limit of the box. The total profit of the campaign is +3% and +1% = +4% (142 pips) or +2.5% (86 pips) if you chose to exit as described in the pic below.