Wilmar - 500 More Lots Married Deal, Made Profits

I think my observation skills this time brought me to another stratosphere. Just minutes after I posted on my blog on the short term bullishness of Wilmar, the stock encountered another 500 lots married deal at 3.60!! See the attached above time and sales and also click the below link to see my outlook before it happens!


The stock went on from 3.58 all the way to 3.63 before meeting a ceiling wall and suffered a short term reaction. I did not trade this stock as I was busy working on some things but I am so delighted to see my students made like $2000 in about 2 hours while others made $1600 in a similar fashion. Seeing them succeed on this trade, it's better than me making $ myself. I will find the next hot stock for short term trading soon. Congrats everyone!

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