Trade of the week: XAU/USD H1: 23-24 February: +6% (+180 pips)

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On the 23rd, on D1, the trend is clearly up, on H4, this a sleeping alligator but the trend is, overall, up. on H1, we had a wave 3 and we expect the wave 5. We have a very small box of 25 pips (SL at 30 pips), we place our pending order which is triggered at London Open. After few hours of hesitations, the price starts to fly, we exit the next day. The smartest exit would have been when the price reached the 1260 BRN for +210 pips (+7% profit) as this is the end of the week, if you have let it run you exit at the close of the week for +180 pips (+6% profit). A very lovely classical trade.