Trade of the week: EUR/JPY H1: 9-10th of March: +6% (+160 pips)

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On the 9th at London Open, on D1, this is an uptrend chart and the ewave is about to cross the zero line, on H4, this is a wave 3 with the start of a new push. On H1, a sleeping alligator with a small box (initial SL at 25 pips), we place our pending order above the box, the order is triggered and the price flies, then we have a pull back (as the price reaches 2% we can either take half of the position or place our SL at the entry level). The price stays always above the green line and going up harmoniously following that line. We exit before NFP release for +160 pips, more than +6% profit, another classic trade, in the direction of the higher time frames.