Invest Carnival - Investment strategy for stocks like MM2 and Jumbo

I will be speaking tomorrow @ Invest Carnival on my investment strategy for stocks like MM2 and Jumbo for their future growth. Both stocks offers superb growth capabilities that is unparalleled to match. Stocks like Sunpower and AEM also offers unique growth abilities that no other stocks can offer. Look at Jumbo, from IPO till today, the stock grew steadily with a strong, sexy story of more chains of restaurants opening in other counters and with their increasing profits, this stock can only grow which prompted Ron Sim to increase his stake in the company.

MM2, another company which do media production and films is also another company to watch out for. With Rings TV and unusual group as their subsidiaries, together with foreign investment from China, this counter has networks of connection and other strong factors which turned back then from a 0.02 cent stock to almost $2.00 considering it has stock split 2 times in a short time frame of 2 years!

I will share and uncover more on these 2 counters in my talk tomorrow at Suntec City. I will also share some other potential counters that maybe glowing and growing similar like Jumbo and MM2. See you all there!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist