Trade of the week: GBP/USD H1: 16th of September: +12% (+352 pips)

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On the 16th, at London Open, we expect the wave 5 on D1, on H4, the alligator is sleeping, the potential entry on H1 (below the box) is below the H4 alligator and we have 40 pips to reach the lower level of the box so the price can move therefore this is a valid entry (on the top of that, the ewave is about to cross the zero line). The SL above the box is at 33 pips, the pending order is triggered and the price goes down then bounces forming an inside bar and a new sell fractal, we take a second entry (addon) below the new box with a SL above the inside bar at 25 pips. The price drops with the help of some news releases, we exit at the end of the US sesssion for +193 (+6% for the entry 1) and +159 pips (+6% for the addon), a total of +352 pips (+12%), a huge trade in a single day!