Trade of the Week: GBP/USD H1: 24-26th of May: +8.5% (+190 pips)

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On the 24th, at Francfort Open, we have a very small H1 box of 20 pips, on H4, the overall trend is up, the price is below the alligator but we have a BDC and the box is tall (50 pips to reach the upper level), we place a pending order above the box (SL at 23 pips in the other side of the box) while the ewave is crossing the zero line. The price triggers the order and flies, we have a first exit signal, the next morning (break of the lower level of the box) that we ignore as the bars are peaking on the H4 ewave. We exit the following morning below the green line/break of the box for +192/200 pips which is +8.5% profit trade, a massive trade that i have missed it!