Trade of the Week: USD/JPY H1: 4-8 April: +9.25% (+400 pips)

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This is a beautiful campaign starting by a loss!
On the 4th of April, at 2pm, we have a short setup (SL at 42 pips) as on H4, the alligator is opening and the pending order is below the box but the price will bounce back and we are -1% down. One day later, in the afternoon, we have another lovely short setup. The price did not drop that much and it looks even better on H4 (double lower level with H1) and D1. We place a pending order which is triggered, the price does not move that much but we have to let it run. We have an addon on the 6th while the price has moved +100 pips, the ewave is back to the zero line and the SL is at 38 pips.
The price drops and we exit on the friday morning (SL reached during the night) while the price has crossed the upper level of the box and the previous level.
The total profit is +400 pips (-42, +272, +170) which is +9.25 profit (-1%, +5.75%, +4.5%). A wonderful campaign!