Trade of the Week: GBP/USD H1: 22-25 February: Superbe +6% (+289 pips)

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On the 22nd, we have a downtrend on H4 so we are looking for a setup on H1. At Francfort Open, we have a lower level of the H4 fractal box at 48 pips from the H1 upper level of box. We place a PO which is triggered, the prices drops quickly. We have a first signal exit (break of the fracatle box) the next day but this is below the alligator and a quick look at H4 ewave shows that the bars are peaking therefore we choose to ignore this signal preferring to use the red/green lines as SL. This will allow to stay longer into the trade and we exit the 25th at the break of the box (this time above the alligator) for +289 pips, +6% profit. Once again, another very profitable classical trade!