Trade of the Week: EUR/JPY H1: 2-4 June: +6.5% Profit (+325 pips)

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Another classical trade: On the 2nd of June, on H4, this is an uptrend with alligator open, we look for a setup on H1. At London Open, we have a small box (50 pips initial stop loss) and we place a pending order above the box, we are triggered and, after a slow start, the price flies. The next morning, we have a first exit signal but as the alligator is opening on H4, we let the trade run. We exit on the 4th, while we have a second exit signal (this time we have also a divergence) when the price breaks the lower level of the fractal box. Our profit is +6.5% (+325 pips). One of the best trades, so far, this year.