Market Analysis of the 1st of June 2015 : Opportunities on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, XAU/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD & NZD/USD D1, H4 & H1

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Daily charts: New trend for most of the pairs

EUR/USD: It looks like we are in the wave 4 ("c" move up?) but price is below the box and ewave has crossed the zero line so look for shorts
GBP/USD: Chart is up and down, price is below the box so check for shorts but with prudence
USD/JPY: We are in the wave 5 with alligator wide open. Uptrend.
USD/CHF: No real trend with an alligator who is going to sleep. Stay in the sidelines
AUD/USD: Possible wave 5 down, shortrend
EUR/JPY:  It looks like we are still in the wave 4 ("c" move up), if price breaks the upper level, we may have a new wave 3 up, look for longs with prudence
USD/CAD: Possible wave 5 up, look for longs as alligator lines wide open.
NZD/USD: Price is dropping with alligator lines wide open, downtrend.
XAU/USD: Alligator is sleepy, still wave 4, be patient as long as the price is in the box.

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